A problem has developed with the digital video recorder. There is a horizontal roll on all channels and cameras and the entire screen is in black and white.

More than likely the DVR has been set in a wrong mode: PAL is a video mode used in many parts of the world while NTSC is used in North America. To revert back to the right video mode, simply go to the DVR’s Main Menu, System, A/V Setup. From the A/V Setup screen, change the Video System to PAL (or NTSC), and select Apply. The DVR will need to be restarted in order to apply this change.

Why is the DVR not displaying the date and time? Why is the DVR not recording?

Test for a hard drive failure:

1. Power off DVR
2. Remove screws on the sides and rear of unit
3. Locate the silver rectangular box (hard drive)
4. Remove the two cables connected to the unit hard drive
5. Power on the DVR with the case off and observe the DVR for the full boot operation which may take several minutes. It ends with a displayed date and time on the unit.
6. If the date and time now appears on the unit, power off the DVR, then reconnect the two cables on the hard drive. Power on the DVR with the case off and wait for the screen to display the date and time. Next you will need to access the main menu>device>HDD> check the box next to the drive listed in line 1.
7. Then choose format HDD. After this you with be prompted with a save, finished or success screen. Click the ‘ok’ when one of those appear. Then the hard drive should be functional and ready for use.
8. If the DVR is still not functional or continues to freeze, please contact customer service by email. Be sure to include the model number of your DVR and a description of the problem you are having.