Camera FAQ

Why do the cameras display a black and white image at night? I thought all cameras were color cameras.

The camera works at night using Infrared (IR). Infrared will only show you a black and white image.

What is the widest viewing angle available on a camera?

A Sony 1/3 inch CCD with a 3.6mm lens produces about a 90 degree angle view. Other cameras may view a smaller angle. The same camera with a 6mm lens will have an …

Can I use the outdoor bullet cameras indoors?

Yes, many people use the bullet style cameras inside and outside alike. Just make be sure not to use indoor cameras in an outdoor setting.

What do 420, 480, and 540 TVL mean?

The TVL stands for Television Lines. A camera that has equal or less than 420TVL is considered standard definition. A camera that has more than 420 TVL is considered high definition.

What camera can you recommend for behind my company's cash register?

A vari-focal lens camera is ideal for cash register monitoring due to the control that the camera offers with the adjustable lens. You have the option to manually increase the lens size which will zoom in and narrow the peripheral view. The camera should have a 1/4 inch (or larger) CCD. The larger the CCD and the more TVLs the camera has, the higher the definition of the image.

Is it possible to hide which direction my dome camera is facing so that my customers and employees are unaware of whether they are being filmed?

There is no way to actually mask the camera portion of the dome camera, the only way for you to hide the viewing direction would be to position your dome camera high enough for the camera portion to blend in with the camera’s housing. We do offer spy cameras that appear to be smoke detectors, sprinklers, or motion detection sensors if you would like to have your customers and employees be unaware that they are on camera.

Can you recommend a night vision camera that can capture a license plate number?

Due to the way license plates are designed (to greatly reflect light from vehicle headlights) an IR camera would be unable to capture a license plate in complete darkness. Unless there was some portion of light in the environment, the IR camera recording the license plate would only reflect back a solid white rectangle with no visible digits.

How far can the camera see?

This depends on the focal length of the camera. The larger the camera’s lens, the farther away it will view. You must remember that the larger the lens, the smaller the field of view will be. A 3.6 mm lens has a wider field of view than a 6 mm lens.

What Does CMOS, Sony CCD, and Sharp CCD mean? Are they brand names?

CMOS, Sony CCD, Sharp CCD are the types of the image sensor or chip set. They are not brand names for the cameras. However, they Sony and Sharp are the makers of the CCD chip set inside the camera. CMOS is more like a generic brand and while it is the cheapest, its quality is also less than Sony or Sharp CCDs.
Cmos cameras have a very good price, but the image quality is not so good. If you want good image quality, please consider a camera tha has the Sharp or Sony CCDs.


What operating systems do your DVRs support?

Our DVRs support Windows XP, Vista,and Windows 7.

Does your DVRs support Mac?

You need to install a net viewer software to your Mac computer to remote log into the DVR. If you the ability to run the IE browser on your mac, you can remote view with it.

Can the DVR connect directly to a computer using a USB cable?

Unfortunately, the DVR will not be able to communicate with a computer if you connect the DVR directly to a computer using a USB cable. The only way to bring up your DVR interface on a computer would be to connect your DVR to a router and communicate with your computer by configuring the DVR’s remote network access.

How long can the DVRs record?

The DVR recording time is directly related to the size of the hard drive, the recording mode, and the video resolution. For example, if you record in D1 resolution, then one channel recording for one hour will take up 900MB of space. In CIF resolution, one channel recording for one hour takes up 250MB of space.

Where can I get a firmware update for my DVR?

To get new firmware for your DVR, you need to contact customer service support via email and they will give you the correct firmware. In order to give you the right firmware, we need to know the model #, the software version, and the UI version.

What kind of monitor do I need to use to plug into my DVR?

A VGA video connection or a BNC video connection can plug into the DVR’s video outputs. Most commonly, end users will plug a VGA computer monitor into the video output in the VGA port in the DVR.

There is also the option of plugging into a television with the BNC video output. However, most televisions do not have a BNC input. To use a TV that does not have a BNC video input, the end user needs to attach a BNC to RCA adapter to the BNC video output on the back of the DVR, then use an RCA cable to connect the DVR to the television monitor.